Reincarnation and evolution of the individual human spirit

Existence and omnipotence of Creation (Universal Consciousness)

Connection between the individual human spirit and Creation

Distinction between Creation and advanced humanoid gods (or God or ETs)

Concerning God, the (ET) ruler of human races in the Mideast, to the north and to the east

False teachings eventually to give way to truth

Importance of seeking truth and knowledge

Natural laws of Creation

The ignorant state of the human spirit at first, which gradually evolves toward wisdom

The healing ability of the evolved human spirit

The eventual merger of the very highly evolved spirit with Creation

The immortality or timelessness of Creation and the human spirit

The evolution and increasing perfection of Creation itself

The gentleness of the yoke of spiritual development

The human as master over the Sabbath

On recall of past lives by true prophets

On the deplorability of suicide

On the unities of apparent opposites

Strive to:
    be spiritually balanced
    recognize truth
    live according to the laws of nature and Creation
    maintain a clear conscience
    exercise justice according to the laws of Creation
    exercise love and understanding in accordance with the natural law of Creation and with logic
    collect treasures in one's spirit and consciousness
    learn to recognize your own mistakes
    learn from your mistakes

    Always be aware of the presence of Creation
    Offer love wherever it is warranted, but exercise punishment when the laws of nature demand it
    Give to those who ask of you sincerely
    Choose your words carefully and with natural logic
    When praying, pray to the power of one's own spirit
    Don't amass great treasures on Earth
    Take care of your physical needs for tomorrow
    Do not judge falsely
    If you use the sword without need you will perish by the sword
    Take the log out of your own eye before looking for the splinter in your brother's eye*
    Don't waste your spiritual treasures on the unworthy
    Ask..., seek... and knock...*
    Do to others as you wish they would do to you*
    Never doubt in the power of your spirit
    Beware of false prophets*
    Avoid swearing or oaths*
    Avoid sexual intercourse except with one's spouse
    Avoid adultery, fornication, male homosexuality
    Avoid acting as the scribes & Pharisees say, or as they do

The spiritual kingdom or realm:
    includes both good fruit and weeds
    is like a mustard seed...*
    is like leaven...*
    is like hidden treasure...*
    is like a priceless pearl...*
    is like a fish net...
    cannot be grasped by the ordinary coarse senses
    is inside of you and outside of you

    His (Jmmanuel's) teachings will be falsified
    Peter will be one who is guilty of falsifying Jmmanuel's teachings
    Many of the people of Israel will never find their peace
    Judas Iscariot will be unjustly accused
    A new prophet will emerge in two thousand years
    Jmmanuel will have to suffer in Jerusalem
    Friends from the land of India will help Jmmanuel escape from the tomb on the third day
    The woman in Bethany who anointed Jmmanuel will be remembered for a long time to come*
    Before the rooster crows Peter will deny Jmmanuel three times*
     A prophet named Mohammed will arise in 500 years
    For a long time to come mankind will forget about Creation and its laws

Note: * indicates the teaching made it into the Gospel of Matthew virtually unchanged.

For a greater in-depth presentation of the TJ's teachings, see D. Rothe's website.

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