The Meier case today

The situation today (2011) is virtually unchanged from 10 or 15 years ago, except that the teachings Meier has received have been accumulating into an ever greater bibliography. And increasing numbers of his prophecies and predictions, many stemming from his Plejaren contactors, have come true. Because many ufologists have mistakenly assumed the UFO aspects of Eduard Meier's experiences to be a hoax, the case remains unsettled within the ufological community, which generally ignores him. Six hours of presentations by Meier-case investigators at the 8th Annual International UFO Congress in Laughlin, Nevada, in 1999, did remind listeners that the eyewitness testimony in support of the reality of his UFO experiences, dating back to 1963, is exceedingly strong, and many of his 35mm photos and 8mm movie films show features that defy hoaxing. Yet most leading ufologists cannot accept this, and continue their efforts
 "Billy" Eduard A. Meier, 1995
to debunk the case whenever they perceive the necessity to do so. This "necessity" arises largely from the belief that ETs can not or should not be able to perform actions we cannot understand, and/or should not be intelligent enough to have a rational strategy of dealing with humankind that includes covertness in their interactions with selected individuals plus use of their highly advanced technology. Fear of ridicule from colleagues also contributes to their avoidance of the "Meier case." Hence the continuing controversial status of the case deters the news media from reporting on it and prevents it from becoming at all well known to the public at large. Similarly, the Talmud of Jmmanuel remains taboo for bible scholars to investigate and report seriously on, and this, combined with its heresies for Judaism, Christianity and Islam, deters the news media from bringing it to public attention.

Meier himself has long since ceased responding personally to the large numbers of visitors who seek him out each year to ask him questions, as years ago he has set in writing the answers to many questions, plus supplying voluminous details of his experiences with the ETs who told him they were from the Pleiades. He has made these writings, his beamship photographs and the Talmud of Jmmanuel available to interested persons. This is carried out primarily by his support group
 Meier's residence and
FIGU headquarters, 1988
at Schmidrüti, Switzerland, known as FIGU, with some assistance from abroad. FIGU stands for "Freie Interressengemeinschaft für Grenz- und Geisteswissenschaften und Ufologiestudien," which in turn can be translated as "Free Community of Interests in Fringe and Spiritual Sciences and Ufological Studies." Some of FIGU's members also help protect his photographic evidence from the hands of those who would like to eliminate it. However, the possibility still exists for the sincere visitor to meet with Meier, especially if he wishes to further explore, and help disseminate, the truth of Meier's experiences, findings and teachings. FIGU members annually meet together at Meier's residence in May, when they may gain the opportunity to meet Meier or talk with him.

 Billy with Matt in April 2004

One such visitor in April of 2004 was Matt Hurley, who was able to meet Meier and report back on how shipshape the residence is. As of 2007, Hurley is a civil servant in the government's Statistics Office in South Wales, UK, and author of The Alien Chronicles, which presents many of the paintings and art of the medieval and classical periods that quite clearly show saucer-shaped craft in the background.

Meier continues to have contacts, both physical and telepathic, with different ETs from the region of the Pleiades, though not as frequently as in 1975-77. For example, on July 6, 2000, Silvano Lehmann, a FIGU member who resides and works at the Center at Hinterschmidrüti, and whom I met there in 1985, reported that he was just going outside when Billy Meier, in the kitchen drinking a cup of coffee, suddenly yelled out to him that Enjana (a Pleiadian/Plejaren) was just then passing over the FIGU Center. Meier had received this information telepathically. They both rushed outside and saw the beamship. It was 2:55pm on a nearly cloudless day. Meier rushed back in to get his camera, and Silvano took it and used its 200mm zoom lens in taking two or three pictures of it. One of these is shown here on the left. It was a distant object, and lacks the foreground and background scenery of Meier's 1975-76 photos. However, the facts that there was a witness besides Meier, and that the craft was distinctly saucer-shaped, are notable. Lehmann has documented this experience in German, and here is an English translation. Meier and his supporters have kept track of his main contacts, telepathic and otherwise, with different ETs over the years and carefully documented them. A handy tabulation of them, with references supplied, is reported here.
 Meier in September of 2008
 Michael Horn

To keep up on these and other subjects of most interest to Meier, his associated FIGU group and friends worldwide, periodic visits to his website are also recommended. One may do this also through the website of Michael Horn, who since about 2000 has been Meier's authorized media representative for the U.S.

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