Wendelle Stevens' email to Scott re the Meier-Menara gun incident
Date uncertain, probably around 1990

Dear Scott:

I never saw the "raygun" myself, only the 20 some color photographs of it.

To me it looked rather hokey, like a compostion toy gun, so we undertook a search to find a copy of it for our own interest. We visited all the toy stores in Meier's part of Switzerland, with the pictures, and inquired of where we might purchase a copy. Nobody ever recognized it, or could give us any leads. We never found anything even resembling it.

When I asked Billy to take me to the place where he stunned a rabbit in mid-jump, he also pointed out a path through the brush where he fired a fine stream or concentration of energy, and it left a seared path, arrow straight through all the bushes to the impact point in the ground of a rise.

...cleanly served and said that was another shot. Now this was in a part of the woods where the trees grew so thick and close together that it would have been impossible to get a ten foot ladder through, much less a 30 foot one, and where would one find a 30 foot ladder. If he had one there would have been no place to prop it against to reach that severed branch.

The severed section was still laying on the ground there. What I found interesting is that the charred area was only about 1/8th of an inch in depth. What could burn that cleanly and not char the wood about an inch or more on each side.... of home with me, intending to get some kind of analysis to determine just how much heat it would have taken to make that kind of a burn.

On the day Nera came to pick up the gun, I came home from the store to find Billy kneeling by his prize plum tree in the front yard. He said I had just missed Nera who came for the gun. He was examining a smoking hole, a little over an inch in diameter, burned into the 11 inch diameter plum tree trunk. the tree sap was still bubbling and smoking form that burn cleanly through the whole diameter of that trunk. The charred depth again was under 1/4 inch deep, and it cleanly penetrated the whole trunk. When it cooled a little, I stuck my finger in that opening and found that the hole was oval in cross section.


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