Circuitous Delivery of Rashid's Letter to Meier

The two packets of TJ translations mailed by Rashid did not reach Eduard Meier directly, as Rashid did not know Meier's Swiss address, then in the town of Hinwil. Instead, Meier had much earlier informed Rashid of the address of his parents in Switzerland; the address that Rashid used on one packet of the TJ translations was: Hinterburg-Neuthal-Bäretswil, and on the other: Rüggental-Neuthal-Bäretswil, according to Meier's recollection. Although Meier's parents were by 1974 no longer living in that area, the postal office at Neuthal, which is only a few miles from Bäretswil and from Hinwil, was able to locate Eduard Meier's address at Hinwil and forward the packets to him.