Ray Stanford's Background as Contactee and Psychic


From: Loren Coleman
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Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2003 23:27:46 -0400
Subject: Ray Stanford

Ray Stanford has a history on the internet of joining Lists and then responding "with sarcastic comments and demands that certain subjects immediately be dropped," as one observer on a dinosaur list once wrote.

Forgive me. I now understand what is going on. I did not realize that Mr. Stanford was _the_ Ray Stanford, contactee, medium, and channel through which such less-than-scholarly books as "Speak, Shining Stranger" and "Fatima Prophecy" - gained via Stanford's psychic readings - have been produced. Stanford, of course, is the author of a book, Look Up (1958) that discussions his repeatedly close encounters with flying saucers and his discussions with their occupants, who he termed "the space people," but whom he would later call "The Watchers" (some even named "Aramda" and such).

No, I did not realize I was dealing with the Ray Stanford who in the 1970s, was the leader of the Association for the Understanding of Man (AUM), a national organization located in Austin, Texas. The purpose of AUM was given to Stanford via his so-called "psychic reading,..." given to him by "the Source," as well as "voices other than that of the Source [who] speak through the unconscious Stanford... speaking in various accents and inflections," as a 1977 AUM membership solicitation noted. "These voices were identified as exalted spiritual beings, members of an ethereal association called the 'White Brotherhood,' archangels, and even Jesus Christ himself -- all speaking courtesy of Stanford's 'borrowed' vocal cords, of course. Some of these 'Brothers' identified themselves as members of a UFO-operating alien race called 'The Watchers,'" as has been observed.

"Examination of the AUM material leaves no doubt that the 'Stanford readings' were the major 'drawing card' for the group's dues-paying members and its contributors - indeed, the organization's raison d'etre," a watchdog noted.

Furthermore, Stanford had plans to construct a time machine known as "the Hilarion Accelerator." He needed funding to get this done, of course.

"In a tape-recorded lecture to the annual AUM membership conference on August 24, 1974, Stanford told his followers that 'the Accelerator' would allow spiritually competent subjects to teleport physically from one place to another, but also to PHYSICALLY transport their bodies BACK IN TIME," remarked one who researched this gentleman.

Stanford's time machine was never built, to the best of anyone's knowledge.

No wonder Ray Stanford has no sense of humor about predictions done by crop circle promoters. After all, only Stanford knows the future.

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....After receiving my Ph.D. in astronomy in 1976, from the University of Arizona, I looked for work in astronomy, and found none. And being in serious need, I took a job again doing UFO research. I had mostly forgotten my encounters with the UFO cults, nearly twenty years earlier.

Then in 1977 I came face to face with the cults, all over again. Noted UFO researcher, and psychic, Ray Stanford, asked me to come to work for him. The organization operated out of a modern office building, in central Austin Texas, and there was no talk of cultic topics, only what, at that time, to me seemed to be serious UFO investigative work and their need for a credible scientist to do the analysis of their many instrumented UFO recordings. I later learned of Stanford's long time contactee cult activities.

So in August, 1977 (until December 1978) I began work for the Association for the Understanding of Man, informally called AUM, in Austin Texas. AUM was the promoter of the trance medium activities of Ray Stanford, and the research of his brother, Rex Stanford, Ph.D. psychologist, who was then doing ESP research in their offices. I learned later that AUM was financed partly by selling transcripts of the trance medium readings of Ray Stanford.

I was then incredibly naive and open to occultic influence at the time. I became the Research Director, of their instrumented UFO observatory, and investigating activities, known as Project Starlight International, or PSI for short. At the Project Starlight remote UFO observing location near Lake Travis, PSI observers said they saw things, but just as it was in the 1950's, when I looked I saw nothing. These expectant, hopeful, persons were having delusions.

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