Short Encounter with Ptaah

by "Popi" Kalliope Meier-Zafiriou
in Zeugenbuch (Schmidrüti, Switzerland: 2001), pp. 227-28
a liberal translation by J. W. Deardorff, May 2011

It was yesterday, Billy's birthday, the 3rd of February 1979, when I, Kalliope Meier, around 14:30 hours, stepped past the kitchen while coming into our living room, because I wanted to get something that was there. The door opened and I took the first step into the room, when I stood still, startled, for at the rear living room entrance stood a large manly figure who was clad in a strange grey outfit. A kind of overalls, which at the neck displayed a large, round opening that apparently served for attachment of a helmut, which however the man did not carry. Around about his belt some strange looking things were affixed. Apparently startled to see me, the bearded man then took a step backwards and with his left hand grasped a small gadget on his belt, whereupon within a fraction of a second he simply dissolved into nothing. He simply disappeared without a trace, and, to be sure, without any sound. Still standing there shocked, wild thoughts shot through my head before it became clear to me that the man whom I had stared at for some 15 seconds could have been none other than Ptaah -- the extraterrestrial friend of Billy. In any case, Billy's description exactly fit the appearance of this man in the living room. And that it had actually been Ptaah was confirmed by Billy still on the same day, for around 14:46 hours, thus some 15 minutes after the event, Contact No. 108 started whereby, as Billy explained, Ptaah said to him that he had searched for him (Billy) in the living room and in the bedroom, where Billy, minutes before, actually had been, before Ptaah manifested. Billy, however, had then gone out the bedroom outside door in order to go to the garage and finish something. Thereupon he found out that his Contact had commenced.