From Meier's 264th Contact Report (see also Contact 39 at bottom)

Thursday, May 14, 1998, 0:55 a.m.

Ptaah: Do not hesitate to tell me what you have to say.

Billy: OK, fine: Once again something is preoccupying me that I cannot understand. It is linked with conspiracies and defamations which, by and large, don't bother me but they do raise several questions. You are familiar with that schemer and defamer Korff and this Luc Buergin. Together they recently taped an interview with my dear ex-wife which they intend to disseminate worldwide as a videotape in July, apparently with an explanation or "exposť" regarding the two photos of Asket and Nera that I, allegedly, photographed from a television unit, and which are said not to be Asket and Nera but two American Asket/Nera look-alikes. You mentioned them yourself in Contact 39 when you stated that two young women live in America who work in the same business, and are spitting images of Asket and Nera.

Ptaah: The two photographs do show the two look-alikes from America.

Billy: How do you mean that?? I personally took the pictures of Asket and Nera.

Ptaah: This is a fact. However, the problem is that you never received the original photographs, which would have been printed from your original negatives.

Billy: I don't understand?

Ptaah: Are you really unable to remember the incident?

Billy: What am I supposed to remember?

Ptaah: Quetzal's and my visit on February 3, 1985, when we explained to you a few of the connections as they pertained to the photographs you just mentioned.

Billy: I have no recollection of this. What happened at that time?

Ptaah: We revealed to you then that you had received fraudulent pictures which depict neither Asket nor Nera.

Billy: Now I don't understand anything anymore.

Ptaah: Oh, now I see. You really have forgotten everything, and with certainty this is linked to your life-threatening condition at the time, including your partial amnesia. That is why you are unable to remember many of these things.

Billy: Please do not keep me in suspense now.

Ptaah: At the time we did not wish to deal with these matters on a public level.

Billy: But I do feel that this issue must be addressed if I hold fraudulent Asket/Nera photographs, which I have been selling with such a caption until now. If this is actually the case, they're really going to go after me ferociously.

Ptaah: Well, it isnít really your fault. Blame must be directed toward your photographer. He allowed himself to be forced into such a fraudulent scheme by a group of "Men in Black," and then he cheated you with the resulting photographs.

Billy: I am familiar with that riffraff. Several of them pursued my daughter Gilgamesha once when she was coming home from school. One of them chased her with a knife in his hand. When they couldn't catch her, the cowardly bums escaped in a large, black limo.

Ptaah: I am familiar with the story. But hear this then: It seems that I must again relate all the information to you now, and this time in a way that brings it before the public, providing you wish to record this conversation for future use?

Billy: For sure.

Ptaah: All right then: From the beginning of the contacts with us you never allowed yourself to be intimidated by any of the schemes of the "Black Men," regardless of how despicable, dangerous, indeed, lifethreatening they were. Since you simply laughed at their assassination attempts and always carried a weapon---with the appropriate gun license, I must add---the "Black Men", instead, resorted to making you look preposterous and highly questionable before the world. Because they were unable to get close enough to you, they aggressively forced people who worked with you, such as photographer S., to discredit you in a future, long-term basis. They coerced S. into forging the photographs you had taken with our permission. In other words, they made him completely forge or adulterate your pictures. Several times during your early contact period with us, your own films, which you had photographer S. develop and make prints of, were substituted with totally different, adulterated films. Therefore, from the very beginning you received many counterfeit negatives and photographs or adulterated pictures. This is also what occurred with the film on which you recorded the images of Asket and Nera, and which you allegedly did receive back after several months only. But in reality what you received was, in fact, a product of the "Black Men" who had discovered and photographed Asket's and Nera's doubles in America. These pictures were then processed and given to you by S. You, of course, believed they were the originals, but they were forgeries and deceptively similar to your own, authentic photographs. For this reason you did not realize you had been defrauded, and neither did we. In fact, we were unaware of this deceit until the autumn of 1984, when we brought your photos to Asket because she, too, wanted to have them. Of course, she noticed the deception immediately, and because of this, we began investigating the matter and discovered that the "Black Men" were behind the entire scheme and it was they who had forced the photographer into their services. Upon their mandate, S. produced the forged photographs and handed them to you as though they were originals---whereupon you always assumed they were the actual photographs you had taken yourself. This was the case also with the pictures of Asket and Nera. With regard to these particular photos, we discovered that S. immediately submitted the film, which you had just handed in to him for processing, to the "Black Men," respectively "Men in Black," as people in your ufological circles call them. Within a few days they found and repeatedly photographed the Asket/Nera look-alikes, and this is how the two pictures came into being with which you are familiar and which were passed on to you. The Gizeh Intelligences play somewhat of a role in this matter too, as you are well aware, although we were unable to clarify their exact association within this plot. Clearly, however, they negatively influenced a vast number of terrestrials through their telepathic impulses, in an effort to harm, defame and even assassinate you, which they attempted several times---fortunately without success. Everything was being done to make you and your mission appear preposterous, specifically by accusing you of producing photographic forgeries. The "Men in Black" wield their impact even today, and so do the decade-old influences of the negative telepathic impulse machinations against you and your mission, which shall be destroyed. The impulses by these Gizeh Intelligences presumably affect all those people who are working against you and the mission with their schemes, defamations, and other negative machinations, although these individuals never realize they are being influenced by these impulses.

Billy: What am I going to do now with the photos? Under these circumstances I can no longer use or sell them. I really feel like a crook now after claiming they were photos of Asket and Nera.

Ptaah: You are not guilty in this matter. But you could simply continue selling them with a new caption explaining that the two ladies are "American look-alikes of Asket and Nera."

Billy: This scheme involving the Asket and Nera photos dates back to 1975 or so, a very long time ago. And yet, the consequences are only appearing now? That's what I call a long-term calculation. This is astounding. The situation actually warrants my respect. But why didn't we record this as part of a contact report? Then we could have openly clarified this matter much sooner.

Ptaah: Unfortunately, it could no longer be handled on your end. After your last contact with Quetzal on October 31, 1984, and after you had finished your OM book, your health was in such an appalling state that for several years you were closer to death than to life. For this reason you were incapable then of jotting down the contact conversations. By November 17, 1989, your health and strength had finally improved to the point where you were able to record our conversations again in writing.

Billy: How is it possible that I forgot all of this . . .

Ptaah: You know yourself how many things and facts you had to relearn and how many other things you were unable to relearn at all. Furthermore, your memory had been organically damaged, and this is the reason why it cannot be as active as it was previously. Just remember the power and capabilities your consciousness possessed when it allowed you to accomplish those many astonishing feats.

Billy: It is unfortunate, but that's the way it is, I know . . .

Billy: But now I just remembered another question regarding the "Men in Black" and their machinations with the look-alike photos and the photographer: How could the "Men in Black" find the two American women so easily and quickly, and then photograph them in the right way?

Ptaah: These "Men in Black," as they are called because of the black clothing they constantly seem to wear, have always had access to unfathomable resources---or what normal people or citizens, rather, would consider them to be. It was a simple task for them to locate the two young artists. Once these extremely unscrupulous men set their mind to something, nothing remains hidden from them. The photos of these look-alikes, of whom I actually spoke during the 39th contact on December 3, 1975, were not taken in the presence of the two young women. Instead, their images were copied from movie footage to which the "Men in Black" had gained access. I believe this genre of film is called a "revue." In any case, individual photographs were copied from it and, together with photographer S., they selected those which most closely resembled your own photos of Asket and Nera. This is how they were able to deceive you. The purpose of the entire matter was to create pictures of specific situations identical to those you had taken of Asket and Nera. The objective was for you to normally, and unsuspectingly, disseminate and sell these counterfeit, or rather forged, photographs of the two look-alikes to interested parties, believing them to be original pictures of Asket and Nera. This scenario was intended to make you look deceitful one day because, so they calculated, sooner or later one of your adversaries would examine these photographs and get to the bottom of the matter---with the result that the forged Asket/Nera pictures in the so-called review film would be recognized as the photos you were holding of those look-alikes. This, then, was meant to provide the evidence for exposing you as a purported deceiver and make you and your story look preposterous and, subsequently, destroy your mission. All of this was thoroughly pre-programmed in 1975 by the "Men in Black." They concluded that the appropriate photo sequences would be found in the near future---which appears to have transpired now---and the photos would be fully exploited by your enemies soon afterwards. As far as we are concerned, there is no doubt that your and your mission's enemies are purely terrestrial beings under the influence of the long-term and still-active Gizeh impulses.

Billy: Korff and Buergin too?

Ptaah: Without any doubt.

Billy: Now that you have brought up so much about the "Men in Black," I have another question: Quetzal told me once that these men are also responsible for an assassination attempt on my life. Which attempt was that?

Ptaah: There was not only one attempt. Truthfully, eleven of the fourteen assassination attempts can be traced back to the "Men in Black."

Billy: So, you are saying that on February 3, 1985, you and Quetzal explained all of this to me about the so-called Asket/Nera photos, which actually depict the American doubles you had mentioned in the 39th contact? Well, unfortunately, I simply can't recall any of this, I have really forgotten it completely. Now I want to ask you why you have not reminded me of these facts until now? If I had consciously absorbed this information, I would have removed the pictures from circulation and published the appropriate details in our quarterly publication, the Wassermannzeit.

Ptaah: For all these years we were not consciously aware that you had forgotten our explanations regarding these matters, otherwise we would have, of course, pointed them out to you at the appropriate time.

An excerpt from Contact 39 of 3 Dec. 1975

[Note: From Stevens, Message from the Pleiades, Vol. 2 (1990). The sentences from each Plejaren during each contact are numbered consecutively. A day or so after each contact, Meier transcribes it word for word while in a kind of thought-transmision trance in front of his typewriter. A movie clip showing the very rapid typing with his one hand while in this trance is presented in the Ref. 6 DVD.]

Ptaah- 218/In respect to the narrow exposures of Jupiter, you should be troubled to hide these pictures very carefully, because your Earth scientists could perhaps reach cognitions from them, being not good for them. 219/As well respecting the pictures of me, I have to ask you not to diffuse them, and to offer them only to your group, without exception. 220/You should not produce pictures from them, and limit the matter only to the dias [diapositives], which should remain in your own possession. 221/Originally this was not provided, but now the possibility exists that I have more time to move on the Earth, thus one could recognize me, which is not allowed. 222/It has already been a great exception that you are allowed to get photographs of Asket and Nera, because besides this, we have found female Earth beings who look strikingly similar to them, and who, interestingly, are also cooperating together.

Meier- Dear, that's a pity. But the women, the dopplegangers of Asket and Nera, where are they?

Ptaah- 223/In the land of America.

Meier- Can you perhaps give me their address, and tell more details about them?

Ptaah- 224/I don't want to, for certain reasons.

Meier- You always are so secretive.

Ptaah- 225/In certain matters, this has to be so.

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