How this document, discovered in Jerusalem
 in 1963, ushers in the New Age while exposing
the New Testament gospels as being more
corrupt than even the Jesus Seminar suspects

   The web site of Jim Deardorff   
Research Professor Emeritus
Oregon State University

This site presents the results of 20 years' analysis of the Talmud of Jmmanuel (TJ),
showing, largely through comparison with the Gospel of Matthew,
that the TJ was the source for that gospel.
The TJ informs us precisely which Matthean verses are genuine,
which are partly genuine, and which are pure invention.
In over 100 comparisons of parallel passages, the arguments pointing
to Matthean dependence upon the TJ are seen to be difficult to reverse, and
in all other instances the differences between the two are also
consistent with TJ genuineness. Tests for TJ genuineness are
indirect because its original Aramaic scrolls were destroyed
due to their heresies, and only the German translation survived.
From the TJ one sees that 19th-century scholars erred
in assuming that Mark came before Matthew.

 Scholars beware: the UFO-
 biblical connections are real
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